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Snail tracks back to the future

Twenty-three holiday packages later (all sent by Priority Mail), only three can be classified as painfully late in the USPS system. That’s not a bad deal given the season, the pandemic, and the horror show that worsened under politicized Postal Service leadership.

Meanwhile, I am rediscovering the joys of snail mail and hoping that my love of analog written communication will last well into 2021.

Lately, I’ve taken to printing out articles from subscribed (that is, paywalled from the general public) sources and dropping them in the mail with a short letter or sticky note. It takes a bit more engagement than just linking to things in an email, plus I like the more directed one-on-one connection as opposed to the blasted-into-the-ether mode of social media and blogging. I forgot how much I enjoy sending out mail—and getting mail myself.

I’ve also reactivated my Postcrossing account and returned to my League of Extraordinary Penpals membership (and updated my database entry there for other members) after a lengthy hiatus.

Perhaps a balance of both blogging/social media and snail mail is the way to go for me in the coming year.