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About This Site

Updated April 25, 2020

I hate Facebook. I tolerate Instagram and Twitter, maybe even like them a little. And I love the IndieWeb concept of owning my own content.

But going whole-hog IndieWeb requires more time and tech knowhow than I’m willing to exert. So, I use to produce “content” and either syndicate it from there or otherwise consolidate my content from other platforms on this M.b-produced site. (I’ve even started screen-grabbing occasional retweets and posting them here, which is probably not kosher on several levels. But I like using this site as a scrapbook of some of my thought, even if it’s posted elsewhere.)

This site is my personal sandbox: part linkblog, part commonplace book, part photo blog, and part (perhaps mostly) self-indulgent stream-of-consciousness. I also post occasional faith-related things, but I have a separate site for that at

Both my sites use the platform, a hybrid blogging vehicle and social media community with an IndieWeb mindset. The blogging is easy, and the community is friendly and supportive; I strongly recommend the place.