Here’s today’s reminder that cats like boxes.

The Spousal Unit, on anti-maskers and the far right: “Darwinism isn’t fast enough for me.”

Happy feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I received my first brown scapular a year ago at my local parish, and upgraded to this plain wool one from a maker on Etsy. (Forgive the worn, pilled look; it’s actually nicer-looking in person – albeit still worn and only slightly pilled.)

I’ve not persevered in the devotion much in recent months, aside from wearing it. This is probably a good day to start anew.

And now, it’s time once again for Gratuitous Kitten Photos. (Not shown: the kitten landing on my face when I decided to lie down for a minute in the home office this afternoon.)

Kittens sleep a lot. I envy kittens.

“My argument is that it doesn’t really matter whether Tom Nook is good or evil. What matters is that ‘Animal Crossing’ has created this very productive space for people to have conversations about wealth and labor.”

Finally trying the dicyclomine prescribed by the gastroenterologist who handled my (sparkling shiny perfect) colonoscopy. Hoping this eases the morning cramping.

They appear to be getting used to each other.

The new home office intern still hasn’t learned to fetch my tea or fix the printer yet.

“Much of the evangelical movement, in aligning itself with Donald Trump, has shown itself to be graceless and joyless, seized by fear, hypocritical, censorious, and filled with grievances. That is not true of all evangelicals, of course, and it’s not true of all evangelicals who are Trump supporters. But it’s true of enough of them, and certainly of the political leadership of the white evangelical movement, to have done deep injury to their public witness.”

This is a Kitten to Be Named Later. (It actually came with the name Simba, but Frannie is trying out several names.)

Lady in town was fostering a litter of ferals from Michigan, and Chris found her on FB offering them to good homes. So, the cat is quarantined in a bathroom for the night until we can get him to the vet in the morning for shots, a checkup, and an oil and filter change.

The Nintendo 2DS XL arrived yesterday. Once I picked up a 32GB microSD card, we loaded Pokemon Ultra Sun and Animal Crossing: New Leaf on it.

I’ve set up my New Leaf town (named after Winslow the dog). Otherwise, F has been busy on the new device. Her Switch looks lonely now.

I get that logistics can be an issue with the large-scale COVID-19 testing that MLB teams have to do, but it still feels weird to read about it when I was able to be tested and get results in a couple of hours before my medical procedure a few weeks ago.

Deleting the Twitter list I created to follow political feeds. When the first thing you do upon awakening is fall down a giant rabbit hole lined with stories about QAnon and Trump-induced racism, it’s time to get away from the drumbeat of rage and idiocy. I’m tired.

I am in the kind of deeply foul mood that comes with the downhill end of a three-day weekend plus periodic abdominal cramping that remains despite one ER visit, one colonoscopy, one endoscopy, and multiple doctor visits.

Am I the only person who sees the use of the word “anyways” and hears a barely literate teenage girl?

“Anyways” may in fact be in the dictionary, but it looks wrong – and should be.

Back inside. Boom show still going on outside. Dogs unhappy. Cat doesn’t like it, either.

Fourth of July fire at dusk. The fireworks going off all around the neighborhood make it feel like a war zone tonight.

Celebrated our nation’s birthday by purchasing a Nintendo 2DS XL online. My enjoyment of Animal Crossing is taking a big step forward without destroying my budget or my guilt over big financial purchases.

I suspect F will be co-mayor of my AC town and play the preinstalled Mario Kart on the new device. Aside from playing AC: New Leaf on it, I probably will just watch Netflix on the 2DS XL and leave the rest of the game play to the 12-year-old.

Mainlining dark mint Tim Tams and waiting for Advil to kick in. (Yes, I’m back to Advil, but just two at a time now.) The salted cold foam cold brew I had this morning probably set off cramping.

The Spousal Unit, explaining why he’ll eat a grapefruit first before having a mango for breakfast: “If you eat the sweet first, you’ll never eat the sour.” There’s something surprisingly poetic and philosophical about that.

The 12-year-old just used the term “canonically” in a conversation about Animal Crossing. Strangely proud of this.

Trying to organize my nightstand a bit.

Tried to watch Fox News coverage of “President” Traitorpants’ flyover at Mount Rushmore; 10 minutes and two MyPillow ads later, we had to cleanse our palates with “Peppa Pig.”

I need a drink.